INR 4115: Strategic Weapons and Arms Control (Spring 2020), Syllabus

This course provides students with a basic understanding of the theoretical issues surrounding nuclear weapons, their historical development, and the impact they have had historically on global politics and in current policy debates. The course examines conceptual foundations, organizational structures and functions, decision making processes, and priority issues in military strategies with a special focus on the role of strategic weapons in the nuclear age.

Students are exposed to the science and technology behind the weapons, the histories of the existing nine nuclear weapons states, and the technical and case knowledge to explore critical issues of nuclear strategy. Topics include, but not be limited to, deterrence, compellence, nuclear use and non-use, and nuclear strategy. A significant amount of attention is paid to the theoretical debates, policy concerns, and historical evidence regarding the causes and consequences of nuclear proliferation.

INR 4102: American Foreign Policy (Fall 2020)

This course focuses on U.S. American Policy roughly from 1914 through today. The primary objectives are to provide students with the theoretical and analytical tools to understand the processes involved in U.S. foreign policy decision making, to appreciate the consequences of past policies, and most importantly, to enable students to consider various arguments regarding issues of current and future U.S. foreign policy.

This course aims to provide students with the tools to understand how and why certain policies are made, and to what effect. The principal concern are how certain people, procedures, and politics have led to specific foreign policy choices. That is, we consider how a diverse array of actors – e.g., the international arena, public opinion, Congress – drives this process.


CPO 3103 Comparative Politics (2019, 2017)

CPO 3403 Politics of the Middle East (2019, 2018, 2017)

CPO 4400 Kurdish Politics (2018)

GEO 3471 World Political Geography (2020, 2019)

INR 4114 American Security Policy (2019)

INR 4401 International Law (2019, 2017)

POS 2041 American National Government (2020)

POS 4206 Political Psychology (2020)

POS 4284 Judicial Process and Politics (2019)

POT 3302 Modern Political Ideologies (2019)

PUP 3204 Sustainability (2019)

PUP 3314 Minorities in American Politics (2019)


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