Athletic Scholarships in the US

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Doreen used the agency “Sport-Scholarships”* to fund her Bachelor studies through an athletic scholarship from Manhattan College. The track scholarship enabled her to pay for her undergraduate studies in the United States. Manhattan College matched the athletic scholarship with an academic one.

Not only did the scholarship finance Doreen’s undergraduate studies, but it enabled her to experience the life as a student-athlete. As a Manhattan College Jasper (Doreen’s bio), she won her conference championships (Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference) in 100m hurdles and long jump in 2015, was recognized as a member of the MAAC All-Academic Team (2012-2015), was named MAAC Track Performer of the Week, competed at Penn Relays, and held personal bests of 13.84 sec over the 100m hurdles and 5.70 m in Long Jump.


If you plan to attend a university in the United States, have a fair athletic record of one of the NCAA acknowledged sports, and don’t know how to fund your studies, Sport-Scholarship can work for you. You can take an online assessment to evaluate your changes of getting a scholarship. Scholarships can range from 10-100% of coverage of tuition and living expenses -depending on your records of athletic performance.

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* is one of the major athletic recruiting services worldwide. The team helps athletes to study in the USA through athletic scholarships. They cover all college sports and divisions, such as NCAA I, NCAA II, NJCAA and NAIA. With 15 years of experience with both US college sports and the US educational system, they hold a good professional reputation among hundreds of US-Coaches who use our help for their international recruiting. Students usually receive several athletic scholarship offers and get support throughout the entire recruiting process including university admissions, the NCAA or NAIA Clearing, visa application etc.