First solo-authored peer-reviewed article

My first academic article “Cyber-weapons in nuclear counter-proliferation” in Defense and Security Analysis is out today, July 20, 2020!

I explore under what conditions can the use of cyber weapons be effective in nuclear counterproliferation? I suggest that when cyber-weapons are independently used as counterproliferation measures, they have inherent difficulties to be effective in the long-term if nuclear weapons programs are in advanced developmental stages. Cyber-weapons can delay and disrupt a nuclear program, but not halt it. Cyber operations are more effective if they are used in congruence with conventional weapons. I conduct a comparative case study of Operation Orchard, Stuxnet, and ‘Left-of’Launch’ operations.

Read the article here: 


Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 10.01.50 AM

I wrote this article in my first months of graduate studies when I had just been introduced to the basics of qualitative research. I certainly improved my research skills  since and acquired scientific know-how. While the piece has its limitations, I believe it is important to celebrate the small steps and minor achievements as young scholar. I’m excited to continue my research and hopefully and publish additional pieces soon. It’s a process of professional development that I enjoy very much.

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