Recipient of Prestage-Cook Travel Award

I am honored to have been chosen as recipient of the Prestage-Cook Travel Award ($300) to attend the 2019 SPSA Annual Conference in Austin, Texas from January 17-19, 2019.

The Prestage-Cook Award is named for Dr. Jewel Limar Prestage. Dr. Prestage was one of the first African American women to receive a Ph. D. from an American University. She was a pioneer in academic research in the area of race, gender, and politics and played leadership roles in many national political science organizations (including serving as president of the SPSA in 1976), however, her most lasting legacy is her mentoring and teaching of thousands of students, many of whom she helped guide towards postgraduate education.

To continue that work of supporting graduate students in political science, the SPSA offers the Prestage-Cook Travel Award, a travel grant exclusively for graduate students who are program participants.

I look forward to receiving the award at the 2019 SPSA Conference on Friday, January 18th at the noon Awards Reception and also present my research earlier that day.


Source: Southern University, Aug 1, 2014,

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